by Indulgist

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released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Indulgist Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: His
i can offer
even if i don't ever love
killer's got motive
even if i love, i live alone
i mean it
even if i don't care at all
don't you belong there?
none of it stays and i cant let go
i'm dragged along
by everything we've lost
spiteful words
lack of trust
i want to be
the one that you run to when you're clean
i lie carefully
the lover you wanted
is not me
why don't you?
wander, I do and don't care at all.
why don't you?
feel it, I know that you wanted to
dragged along by
coveted lust
my worst obsession:
my favorite drug
now im choking on
the swallowed throat
my, my insides are burning for
a nameless orgy
so i can bury
the name
you've carved into my bed.
i am love drunk
i am dope sick
i don't even want it to succeed
i just want anyone
that can see every flaw as an open window
won't you come and poison me in my sleep?
Track Name: Yours
wait for it
under the entrance where we met
you should stay away
but you will stay today
sly words tonight
wait for it

I'll be deviant at best

you won't miss this...

lye here.


straight out through my teeth

i won't swear 
on you 

Track Name: Theirs
you came out of the blue forwards and backwards

this is a stretch from the truth

that's how you are

i know you so well, forwards and backwards

i know you dont know your own mind
, do you, now do you?

they dont feel bad for your life now

they dont feel bad for your love now

im staring at the walls 
and they stare right back at me

I know i can feel the tension 
building in the room (my room)
They dont feel bad for your life now

they dont feel bad for your love now

tear down the cross
 right from the walls

leave nothing in it's place
you're twitching at the though of his face

his majesty never reigns

i guess I'll never know the feeling
i guess i tried to tell you but they dont care like i do

i guess i tried to tell you they dont care

i guess I'll never know.
Track Name: Hers
Deciding if leaving you felt good
I know leaving you fell into leaning in and liquor
leaving you. steer out.
even you laugh
i wasn't even there
to to point the finger
and everyone can see my face to guard it
I owed you last month: I figured you out
i wasn't even there
to point the finger
on your knees for you lies
open wounds have left me bleeding
you're just under fame's regret
chasing fancies you'll never get
you fucked me first
Track Name: Ours
you can think all you want about me

you can talk a lot about your love

you can tell of the man that i have become,
it doesnt have to do with anything about you"

this doesnt mean im giving up on this

it just means i'm not trying anymore with this

i'm on
to you again

you can dream all you want about me

looking for a better frown to find me

you can say the nights we share are about you

this cannot be the moon I belong to.

this doesnt mean im giving up on this

it just means im not trying anymore
 with this

i'm on
to you again

ive given everything that youve got.

maybe this once you've got to give to me?

you say these words about me
. everything is a lie

and im not the liar
. I'm not running
I'm only walking conveniently 
far away from everything